Features of TIR system

Features of TIR system


TIR is globally applicable, and uses a single international guarantee, thus eliminating the need for costly guarantees in each country of transit.

The TIR guarantee covers the customs duties and taxes at risk, up to a maximum protection of EUR 100,000 per transport operation, so customs authorities can be confident any duties they are owed will be paid. In fact, the international guarantee chain can handle exposure on any given day of up to EUR 600 million.


One of the most important features of the TIR system


  • 1. Reduce transport time by up to 80% and cost by 38%.

  • 2. More than 34,000 transport and logistics companies use TIR to transport goods quickly and reliably across international borders.

  • 3. 1.2 million transfers of TIR operation in 2017.

  • 4. Use of one guarantee allowing operators to transport goods through any of the TIR countries.

  • 5. More than 70 signatories to the TIR Convention around the world.

  • 6. An international guarantee covering all customs duties and taxes at risk, with maximum protection of € 100,000 per transfer.

  • 7. An effective instrument for the implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the revised Kyoto Convention.

  • 8. Compliance with the WCO standards framework "SAFE".

  • 9. Supports the achievement of the objectives of the revised Kyoto Convention.