First, the purpose of the regulatory signals


Regulatory signals are used to identify the driver and all road users, traffic regulations and restrictions and various prohibitions should be adhered to while driving or road use. These signals showing traffic regulations and laws and is exposed from the opposes of the offense and punishment. There are also several types and varieties regulatory signals as follows:

  • Speed ​​signs set.

  • Traffic signs and traffic prohibitions set.

  • Waiting signals set.

  • Compulsory signals set.


     The shape and colors of the regulatory signals:


    Generally be all circular regulatory signals and be ground (background signal) and white symbols or drawings in black on the face of the reference frame in red, there are some exceptions, such as:


    Shape of my reference (whoa) and (Give preference) differs, Vaharh (whoa) with the form of eight ribs and ground red writing and the frame-and-white to distinguish them of their importance, and the signal (Give preference) Once upon form an equilateral triangle inverted (head down) and the ground shall be white and the border red.