21Feb 2017
Duties of the driver before turn on the vehicle

1.       Duties of the driver before turn on  the vehicle:

·         Take a look around the vehicle and make sure the level of the tire and the road.

·         The doors close tightly.

·         Ensure to adjust the seat position and steering wheel.

·         Fasten seat belts for all passengers.

·         Make sure to put the reflective mirrors.

·         Note fuel and heat indicators.

2.       Operating a vehicle.

3.       Begin to act in accordance with the safe driving and in accordance with the instructions of the traffic regulations specific to traffic rules.

4.       Stand, by following the following:

·         Look through the mirror to reveal the road.

·         Give the signal stand.

·         Relieve pressure on Daash gasoline.

·         Daash pressure on the brake gradually until the vehicle stops.

·         Pulling the hand brake after the stand.

5.       Signs and traffic signals:

·         Paintings warning, regulatory and media.

·         Menus and barriers and gates.

·         Horizontal signs and ground such as paints, drawings and Alrsfih (ceramics).

·         Traffic lights.

·         Traffic control devices in the work areas Kallohat vertical Aloqmah drums guidance and the stockholders and lit banner and signs and barricades tubular.